Solidarity Action #6: steirischer herbst, Graz

Rebranding European Muslims

September 28, 2012

Rebranding European Muslims is a transnational public relations project by the Israel-based performance and research group Public Movement, and a collaboration in solidarity with the 7th Berlin Biennale by steirischer herbst. The campaign is announced by a billboard in Berlin and launches in Graz in September with a grand fundraising gala.


The project is part of steirischer herbst’s 24/7 marathon camp Truth is concrete, which takes place September 21–28, 2012. Around 200 artists, activists, and theorists lecture, perform, play, produce, discuss, and collect artistic strategies in politics and political strategies in art. All day long, all night long. It is a platform, a toolbox, as well as a performative statement—an extreme effort at a time that needs some extreme efforts. A full grant program additionally invites students and young professionals from all over the world to participate. Truth is concrete looks for direct action, concrete change, and know how. For art that engages in specific political and social situations, and for activism that searches for intelligent, creative means of self-empowerment and political demands.

by Florian Malzacher






10th Berlin Biennale