Director, Berlinische galerie, Berlin

The request sent by the Berlin Biennale asking for a statement on the current situation of the culture scene and cultural policy is formulated in a biased manner in many respects. every institution that deals with and presents contemporary art also acts in terms of cultural policy. the budget situation is strained, but this is not new. it would, of course, be desirable if the institutions that have collections were put in the position to develop and expand them further in order to fulfill one of the fundamental tasks of museum work. the gaps that have arisen are already quite large. here, the further development of the collections could be provided for by means of a budget for acquisitions on the one hand, and on the other, producers of art would receive financial support through the purchases of their works. an integrative, cooperative, and constructive form has to be sought for all discussions. the question of whether artists are manipulated by institutions is of little benefit here just as little the suggestion that every form of financial support, whether on the part of the state—»based on the need for political representation«—or by sponsors from private enterprise, is connected with influence. The work of the public institutions of the city is motivated by content and is principled. it is well understood that one represents one’s viewpoint and also acts for the benefit of artists.



Source: P/Act for Art: Berlin Biennale Zeitung

10th Berlin Biennale