The Curator of the 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Kathrin Rhomberg



Kathrin Rhomberg invited the following projects to participate in the 6th Berlin Biennale:

La monnaie vivante / The Living Currency / Die lebende Münze

Pierre Bal-Blanc


Menzels extremer Realismus

Michael Fried in Cooperation with Old National Gallery and The Museum of Prints and Drawings

of the National Museums in Berlin


George Kuchar

Marc Siegel



Graphic design

Thomas Locher

Yvonne Quirmbach


Kathrin Rhomberg, curator of the 6th Berlin Biennale. Photo: Manfred Unger


  1. Hristian Kunchev

    Hello dear Kathrin Rhomberg ,

    my name is Hristian Kunchev.I am art painter from Bulgaria.Please look my art pictures !!!
    Here I am again. Still painting. Because it is through my paintings that I express myself. Through the media of an art deviating from its essence, I am trying to reveal the world I live in. If you believe I will not waste your valuable time, out of courtesy or curiosity, and some out of pity, perhaps, I simply invite you to have a look at my latest attempts in this pursuit. Take a look at my world! For 12 years now I have been waiting for someone to see me! In vain so far, but I am still waiting.
    Thank you!!!

10th Berlin Biennale