14.06.2012 | 7 pm | KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Bike tour to Lukasz Surowiecs "Berlin-Birkenau" and Joanna Rajkowskas "Born in Berlin"

Moderated by Silke Feldhoff und Marta Neuff in German

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“Berlin-Birkenau” by Łukasz Surowiec

The project Berlin-Birkenau brings a few hundred young birches from the area around the former Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp to Berlin, where they have found new places to root all over the city. These trees, taken from soil that contains the traces of countless deaths, become a ”living archive” that shifts something growing and breathing to Berlin. [...]More >


“Born in Berlin” by Joanna Rajkowska

I decided to give birth to my daughter Rosa in the Charité hospital in Berlin. The city was her first location for contact with the world. For the rest of her life, when asked: “Where were you born?”, she will answer: “In Berlin.” [...]More >

10th Berlin Biennale