Film still from "Facing the Scene” by Anna Baranowski and Luise Schröder, 2011

Facing the Scene

by Anna Baranowska and Luise Schröder

Anna Baranowski and Luise Schröder’s Facing the Scene, which was shot in November 2010, depicts the inauguration of the statue Christ the King. It concentrates on the logistics and preparation for the event, as well as its dismantling at the end of the celebrations. Meticulously observing the church community gathered for this ritual, the film shows everything from health and safety measures to people’s genuine awe and the public manifestations of belief embodied in the sculpture. It’s a kind of anthropological investigation of how the consumption of holiness is packaged


Anna Baranowska is an artist whose work deals with collective social phenomena and the mass media landscape of our time. She lives and works in Leipzig. Luise Schröder is an artist, art mediator, and activist who is interested in aspects of history in the making and its reconstruction. She lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin.

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