Film still from "Beyond" by Lou Cantor, 2010


BY Lou Cantor

Beyond (2010/2012) by Lou Cantor documents the final phase of the construction of Christ the King in Świebodzin, when it was still not clear if the combination of compromised engineering techniques and the parish priest’s faith in the project would actually lead to its completion. For example, an unanticipated change in the dimensions of the figure caused problems with its placement, forcing it to be rotated thirty degrees to the left, so that Christ’s gaze turned away from the town toward its periphery and the outlying TESCO supermarket. The effort to erect such a monument in the middle of nowhere recalls the old saying: faith can move mountains.


Józefina Chętko is a member of Lou Cantor, a Berlin-based artist collective whose main scope of interest is grounded in intersubjectivity and interpersonal communication.


“Christ the King” by Mirosław Patecki

In 2001 Polish priest Sylwester Zawadzki came up with the idea to erect the biggest statue of Jesus Christ in the world on the outskirts of Świebodzin. The local authorities, church, and citizens of the town mobilized to create this religious monument, and sculptor Mirosław Patecki was commissioned [...]More >

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