10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art 9.6.–9.9.2018

Zofia Stryjeńska

*1891 in Krakau, Polen, †1976 in Genf, Schweiz



5. Berlin Biennale - tag

Collaged Stryjeńska

kuratiert von Paulina Olowska



Allegory of the human life, after 1945


Apple harvest, 1960


Composition with basses, after 1945


Composition with a lute, after 1945


Dziewczyna z wiankiem


Girl and a Hunter, 1932


Poland at the International Exhibition of Modern Industrial and Decorative


Portret goralki


Seasons of the year. November-December, 1925


postcards and plate designed by Zofia Stryjeńska


9. Berlin Biennale